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Change Lives As A Medical Assistant In San Antonio

Are you looking for a job that has a bit more meaning to it? Maybe you're tired of folding shirts in a retail job. Or you just can't stand the idea of serving one more cup of coffee. Imagine working in healthcare instead.

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General Office Skills Can Lead To An Extraordinary Future

General office skills are essential for almost every workplace. Training at Southwest Schools in Texas can lead to more job options and a rewarding future!

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Prepare For A New Life As A Medical Assistant In McAllen

Change your life—become a medical assistant in McAllen! Before you start your new career, you need to prepare and learn new skills to excel in your new life.

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How Pharmacy Tech Training Can Change Your Life

Any student who is looking into medical or health career training wants to know how it might improve their life. When it comes to pharmacy tech training, it’s no different.

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Why Go To Medical Office Specialist School?

Going to medical office specialist school could give you an advantage in starting a new career. When you can put that on your résumé, you’re showing everyone that you’re taking your life—and your career—seriously.

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Train To Become A Computerized Accounting Specialist

Choosing your education is a big step in life. There are so many things to consider and so many answers to collect. Before you make a decision, you're going to have a lot of questions

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Take Pharmacy Technician Classes in San Antonio

Are you interested in taking pharmacy technician classes in San Antonio? We think that’s a great idea! These classes could lead to a fulfilling career.

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We’re Here for Brightwood College Students

Brightwood College is closing its doors. Are you a current Brightwood student affected by this closure? We’re here for you at Southwest Schools (SWS) in McAllen and San Antonio.

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What Are General Office Skills Classes?

What do you think of when you hear “general office skills classes?” Does it sound a little too… general? In reality, it’s anything but vague. Choosing to take general office skills training can lead to a specific career path. Classes could even change your life.

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Why San Antonio Needs Medical Assistants

The population of San Antonio is almost 1.5 million people. It’s the second-biggest city in Texas and the seventh-biggest in the United States. That’s a lot of people! And people need a lot of things. Hospitals, clinics, and facilities are necessary to keep residents happy and healthy. And each of these places needs medical assistants to run smoothly.

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Medical Assistant School Prepares You for the Real World in Bexar County

Career schools are different from other schools. First of all, they have the word “career” right in there. That’s because career schools effectively and quickly train students to perform in their chosen fields.

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How Classes for Medical Office Work Could Change Your Life

Are you looking for more opportunity and willing to work to reach your goals? The Medical Office Specialist program at Southwest Schools could help guide you to a new career and a better future.

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Medical Billing & Coding Classes in San Antonio

There are also dozens (if not hundreds!) of general practitioners, eye clinics, pediatricians, dentists, urgent care facilities, outpatient surgical centers, and physical therapists. Other than taking care of patients’ various needs, what do all these healthcare institutions have in common? They all need skilled employees who know how to do medical billing & coding.

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How Can Grants and Scholarships Help Me?

Are you wondering, how can grants and scholarships help me? Southwest Schools has a great deal of experience with helping students to get the financial aid they need in order to get through vocational or business school in San Antonio and McAllen.

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How to Meet the Admissions Requirements at SWS

The admissions requirements at Southwest Schools are not ridiculous. We want to work with you to get you the career training you want and deserve. If you're in San Antonio or McAllen and trying to train for a career, come tour our campuses. Our business schools are focused on helping you succeed.

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What To Do After High School Graduation: 4 Steps

High school graduation is an exciting time, but it can feel daunting too! If you're wondering what to do after high school graduation, you're definitely not alone! But don't worry! At SWS, we've put together a 4 step guide to help graduates and soon-to-be graduates get trained for a new career!

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Introducing a New Scholarship Opportunity

There is a new scholarship opportunity in town if you're interested in attending business school in TX. At Southwest Schools, we have seen how getting career training can change lives for our students, so we want to help them to make that a reality instead of just a goal.

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How to get $2,000 for Graduating From Business School in Texas

You can attend business school in Texas and if you were to graduate on-time, you could get a $2,000 tuition reward! That's right, Southwest Schools will reward you for doing your coursework. There are few career schools that will reward you for just training for a career, which is why you're there to begin with!

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What Are Your Plans After Graduation? Consider Vocational School

As your high school graduation approaches, there is a lot of pressure to plan your future. Furthering one’s education is vital in today’s society, but four years of study isn’t always necessary. Southwest Schools understands that your time is valuable!

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The Perfect Match

The best way to learn what the perfect match for you is when it comes to vocational schools or trade to get out there and explore. Do you want to tour your Southwest Schools campus? We're happy to set up a tour and show you around or answer your questions! Come by and see if we're the perfect match!

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Make a Commitment to Your Future

You need to make a commitment to your future. Take the next step and attend a Texas vocational school like SWS in order to move closer to your long-term career goals. This can be a scary process, but one that is very much needed. If you want to pursue a career in the medical field, you need to make you move now.

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Is A Job in The Medical Field Right For You? Ask Yourself These 5 Questions:

Potential job growth shouldn’t be the only thing you look at if you are thinking about going back to school. So how do you know if a new career in the medical field is right for you? Ask yourself these five questions and find out!

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what can i learn in billing & coding school?

Your Education is Within Reach at Southwest Schools

Let’s face it: higher education can be expensive. However, when education is viewed as an investment, the costs of attending college do not seem as large of a sacrifice.

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what can i learn in billing & coding school?

What Can I Learn In Billing & Coding School?

Billing and coding has become increasingly important in recent years as insurance has played a more vital role in healthcare. What that means is a program that includes billing & coding training can help you prepare for a career.

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what can i learn in billing & coding school?

5 Reasons To Attend Vocational School in San Antonio

SWS outlines 5 reasons to attend vocational school in San Antonio. We have a strong system for vocational schools in San Antonio, they play a vital role.

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What does a Medical Office Specialist do?

A medical office specialist plays an important role in healthcare settings. We want to be sure that you fully understand how these classes will benefit your future!

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What Can You Learn At A Medical Assistant School?

Have you seen information about SWS but always wondered what you can learn at a medical assistant school? That's a great question and one we're happy to answer!

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Medical Assistant School San Antonio, SWS

What Can You Learn At Pharmacy Technician School?

Southwest Schools operates a pharmacy technician school which is geared toward training students for careers as pharmacy technicians in Texas. If you want train for a new career, it can take only 8-months for day classes and 12 months for night classes at Southwest Schools.

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Five Ways Attending Medical Office Specialist School Can Help You

SWS offers 5 ways attending medical office specialist school can help you, whether you're in San Antonio or McAllen, we can help!

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Medical Assistant School in McAllen Offers $2000 For Graduation

Southwest School's medical assistant school in McAllen, Texas, is offering a $2000 graduation reward to students who pursue their career training at SWS.

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Medical Assistant in McAllen

San Antonio Pharmacy Tech School Can Train You in 8 Months

In just 8 months, you can be trained as a pharmacy technician and be ready to seek our employment opportunities in San Antonio and elsewhere.

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San Antonio Pharmacy Tech School

Medical Office Specialist School in San Antonio Offers Night Classes

A medical office specialist handles many of the clerical or office duties in your local doctor’s office. They work in health and medical settings, helping to make things run more smoothly in medical or healthcare offices by handling clerical duties. Do you want to work in a medical career, but not interested in spending 4-8 years in college and medical school? You can get trained at medical office specialist school in San Antonio in as little as 8 months! It will take 12 months if you enroll in medical office specialist weekend or night classes.

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Medical Office Specialist School in San Antonio

Getting Trained At A Pharmacy Tech School in San Antonio

A pharmacy tech is a rewarding career and one that requires training. They work in clean, forward-thinking facilities that specialize in helping to get the medicine to people who need them to feel better.

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Pharmacy Tech School in San Antonio

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