Prepare For A New Life As A Medical Assistant In McAllen

Becoming a medical assistant can change your life for the better in SO many ways. You won’t just have a job—you’ll have a CAREER! But before you can ride off into the sunset towards your new future, you have to put in some work. Prepare to become a medical assistant in McAllen or San Antonio. Here’s a look at some of the classes you’ll need to take to start your new career.

Get Ready For The Working World

There’s more to a career than the actual work! Career schools’ curriculum is designed to turn students into well-rounded employees. To do that, we also teach general professional and communication skills. These are known as “soft skills” and mastering them can set you apart from other job candidates. We want you to be successful no matter where you work! Some of these classes include:

A Medical Office Requires Medical Knowledge

A medical office isn’t like a business office—and that’s part of why you want to be a medical assistant, right? You have a passion for healthcare and helping people. This setting affects vocabulary, software, procedures, and more. The following classes are designed to keep our students in the loop:

Prepare For Medical Procedures

Have you always been interested in medicine? Maybe your favorite show is “Gray’s Anatomy,” and your favorite game as a kid was “Operation.” Then these classes might end up being your favorites. Unlike medical office specialists or pharmacy technicians, clinical and medical assistants have direct patient interaction. It’s essential for them to be familiar with bodily systems and basic medical practices. These are the exciting classes that will help you prepare:    

  • Muscular & Nervous Systems, Physical Exam
  • Cardiovascular System & Phlebotomy
  • Immune & Respiratory Systems, Specialty Practices
  • Digestive & Endocrine Systems, Nutrition
  • Sensory & Urinary Systems
  • Reproductive System, Pharmacology & Medication Administration
  • First Aid, CPR & Radiology
  • Integumentary & Skeletal Systems, Medical History

Start Your Path To A New Life At Southwest Schools

In addition to the above classes, students also complete an externship. With this experience, students utilize their new classroom skills in on-the-job training. How awesome is that?! You’ll build your confidence, develop relationships, and hone your patient involvement skills.

To get started on your new life, reach out to Southwest Schools in McAllen. Give us a call at (956) 687-7007 or contact us online. We also offer the Clinical/Medical Assistant program at our San Antonio location. Wherever you are, we’re dedicated to preparing you for a new, fulfilling career!

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