San Antonio Pharmacy Tech School Can Train You in 8 Months

Learn About Our San Antonio Pharmacy Tech School

Southwest Schools runs a San Antonio Pharmacy Tech School which takes just 8 months to complete. In 8 months, a student can prepare for a new career as a pharmacy technician at SWS.

Our small class sizes mean personal attention from instructors. That means that you actually get a chance train as a pharmacy technician in a real pharmacy setting, instead of just reading out of a book. We also offer a hands-on learning style that students seem to enjoy.

Get Trained Through Pharmacy Tech Classes in Just 8 Months

Yes, you read that right. In just 8 months, you can be trained as a pharmacy technician and be ready to seek our employment opportunities in San Antonio and elsewhere.

Weekend or Night Pharmacy Technician Classes

Southwest Schools knows that not every student can attend school during the traditional hours. Some people have kids, day-jobs they cannot quit, or other obligations. That is why our pharmacy technician school is offered on nights and weekends too. At night and on weekends, the classes still take only 12 months to complete. If you have a job you cannot quit until you are fully trained, you can take night classes or weekend-only classes for 12 months and get trained for your new career!

San Antonio Pharmacy Tech School

$2,000 On Time Graduation Reward

Do you want to earn $2,000 just for attending classes and graduating when you're supposed to? You likely already want to finish school as quickly as you can, right? SWS will give you $2,000 if you graduate on time. See here for details of this reward.

Learn More About Pharmacy Technician School in San Antonio

Do you need to know a little more? Want to know start dates or what time of day the classes are? Call us at (210) 921-0951 or email us to talk to an admissions representative about your questions or concerns.

SWS has two Texas Campus Locations

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