Medical and Clinical Assistant School: What’s The Difference?

Technical Schools, Vocational Schools, Career Schools, Oh My! 

We hear these terms thrown around interchangeably sometimes. But it’s a difference in mindset as much as it is a difference of category. For example, career schools are different from vocational schools or technical schools in San Antonio. Find out more about how they can help you change your life.

Why Choose A San Antonio Career School? 

You’re going to school to get a better career, right? If that’s the case, then it makes sense to go to a CAREER school. We’ve designed each of our programs to prepare you for your future career. Spending on which course you choose, it can take different amounts of time. But you could complete most in less than a year. And because we are a CAREER school, all of your courses will relate directly to the profession you’re looking to join. Which path are you going to take?

Pick Your New Career

SWS prepares students to enter two essential and growing fields: business and healthcare. These two fields will undoubtedly always be in-demand, so therefore, you should have excellent job prospects. Whether you’re interested in patient interaction, administrative functions, or computers, there’s something for you! Explore our available programs:

Career-Focused Learning At A Future-Focused Career School

In The Classroom

Every class at a career school is 100% related to your future career. You won’t have to waste time on general education requirements or unrelated topics. What’s more, each of the classes is taught by a caring, experienced professional.

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On The Job 

As an SWS student, you’ll put your knowledge to work at an externship. These work experiences are part of your program. With these, SWS will place you in a real-world job setting related to your future career. This invaluable experience will give you applicable, on-the-job training. Additionally, it can serve as your first job reference to put on your résumé! So after graduation, you have the chance to hit the ground running on your job search journey.

During The Job Search

Once you finish your program, your career school is still there to help you. We keep job listings and have great relationships with area employers. Also, we can give you advice on interviews, résumés, and more. Because we’re a career school, our focus is on your CAREER.

Choose A San Antonio Career School

Southwest Schools in San Antonio is here and ready to help you! Our entire team commits themselves to preparing students for their future careers. Now, are YOU prepared to change your life with a new career? Find out by calling our admissions office at 830-626-7007. You can also contact us online if you prefer.

As our mission states, we’re committed to “guiding students toward achievement of their maximum potential. We seek to enable each student to become a self-directed, life-long learner capable of participating in and contributing to their community.” THAT is the difference a career school makes in a community. See what kind of difference we can make in your life!


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