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We’ve come a long way over the years; by helping our students we will go even farther.

Southwest Schools, also known as "Career U", got its start in San Antonio, Texas 1979, in a 1,300-square-foot classroom. From the humble beginnings of that first Nursing Assistant Program, SWS has since grown to encompass ten schools in seven cities throughout Central and South Texas — thanks largely to the direction of our managing partners, who have over 50 years’ experience in Career Education. Today, Southwest Schools offers a wide range of career programs in the allied health, business, accounting and cosmetology fields. We select our programs to arm our students with the specific skills they need to meet the nation’s current and projected employment needs.

Mission and Objectives

The mission of Southwest School of Business & Technical Careers is to respond in a climate of intellectual freedom with quality training programs, and to the educational needs of our multicultural community. Southwest School is committed to excellence in teaching and to flexibility in its programs and institutional approaches as it seeks to guide students toward achievement of their maximum potential. We seek to enable each student to become a self-directed, life long learner capable of participating in and contributing to their community.

Accredited by the Experts

Southwest Schools meets the high standards of instruction, facilities and financial stability required to deliver a high-quality educational experience. We are accredited by the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education (COE) and approved and regulated by the Texas Workforce Commission, Career Schools and Colleges, in Austin, Texas and the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

Equipped for Excellence

You’ll look forward to going to class when you attend Southwest Schools. That’s because we invest in your success by maintaining the best equipped, accessible, cheerful and comfortable facilities possible, making your learning experience as enjoyable as it is thorough. Our San Antonio facility, for instance, contains over 20,000 square feet of classrooms, computers, typing and medical labs, two lounges and plenty of offices, as well as handicapped/wheelchair city bus service and entrance ramps, ample parking, and all the modern comforts of lighting, ventilation, air conditioning and heating. Our other campuses also offer well-designed facilities with plenty of classrooms, labs, offices, break areas and restrooms, as well as full access to facilities and equipment for disabled students.

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