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3 Benefits of Our San Antonio Clinical Assistant School

Have you ever seen television shows or movies about medical professionals and felt motivated by them? Do you personally know any medical professionals who have been positive examples in your life? The work that healthcare teams perform each day is nothing short of inspiring. And, if you have felt inspired by their work, it’s important to know that becoming a medical professional may be within your reach. Southwest Schools offers training programs that can prepare students for careers in the medical field. If you live in San Antonio and would like to embark on a new career as a clinical assistant, learn about the benefits of choosing our Clinical Assistant program.

1. Training That Prepares You

When you want to become a healthcare professional, the training you receive can play a crucial role in your success. Our San Antonio Clinical Assistant program goes above and beyond to teach students skills to help them stand out. These skills include:

  • Welcoming patients and scheduling appointments and follow-up visits.
  • Recording patients’ vital signs and basic medical history.
  • Assisting doctors or nurses with the medical examination.
  • Preparing and administering injections as instructed by a physician.
  • Preparing blood samples for lab analysis.
  • Understanding the processes for maintaining, accessing, and analyzing electronic health records (EHRs).

Our instructors are passionate about training the next generation of healthcare professionals, teaching them how to become valued members of a healthcare team. This is why we offer a robust program to provide students with the knowledge and techniques that can help them succeed.

2. Externship Opportunities

Another reason to consider our San Antonio Clinical Assistant courses is our extensive externship program. An externship allows students to learn in a healthcare setting similar to one where they could expect to work as professionals. Some unaccredited schools may offer no externship program or an externship that lasts as little as 40 hours. This means that students in those programs won’t have much time to experience the job itself before applying for positions. However, our accredited career training program offers 125 hours of externship training. This, in turn, can provide a considerable advantage when it’s time to start applying for jobs.

3. It Could Open Up New Career Possibilities

As a clinical assistant, you could eventually grow your skills and branch out into new career paths. These paths may include becoming a lab assistant, phlebotomist, plasma technician, paramedical examiner, and many others. Our program can give you a strong foundation to build upon, potentially opening new opportunities in the healthcare field as you continue your career.

Are You Searching for a San Antonio Clinical Assistant Program?

If you’ve been searching for a San Antonio Clinical Assistant program, it’s time to explore Southwest Schools. Call 210-921-0951 or contact us online to get started. If you’ve been inspired by healthcare professionals, follow your passion and learn more about our career training programs today!