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Admissions Requirements & SWS

At Southwest Schools, we have tailored our programs specifically for enthusiastic learners like you! Our faculty and experienced teaching staff care about your success, so it’s important to us that you understand how essential continuing your education is. We have made the admissions process simple and straightforward because we want you to get a great education that will lead to outstanding employment opportunities. Read more to learn how to meet the admissions requirements at Southwest Schools:

Applicants must be at least 17 years of age and are encouraged to enroll after completing high school, though that timing is not required! We welcome all students as long as they have a high school diploma or GED. Aren’t sure how to get your GED? There are ways to prepare and study online – anytime and anywhere! Do you need to find a testing location? Contact your jurisdiction’s GED testing administrator.

We’ll Answer Your Questions

Our friendly admissions team is prepared to answer your questions! They are trained to help guide you to the program that fits your career goals the best. All of our programs, Clinical/Medical Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, Medical Office Specialist, Computerized Accounting Specialist, and General Office Skills, vary in lengths and times they are offered. We can expand on skills you already have, or are interested in earning. Click the link to fill out the form and a member from our admissions team will be in contact soon:

Southwest Schools does not limit their students to seasonal enrollment. We provide start dates throughout the year because we realize the big step you are taking can’t be limited to a typical academic calendar. Our admissions team will help you pick the perfect start date for you; whether that be in a few days or a month. We look forward to finding the most accommodating time for you.

Learn more about our program and what life is like as a student at Southwest Schools on our website: SWS.EDU and our Facebook pages:


admissions requirements for southwest schools in san antonio and mcallen