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How Classes for Medical Office Work Could Change Your Life

Many products and businesses claim to “change your life.” This includes everything from super-absorbent towels to get-rich-quick schemes. It can be difficult to determine which are legitimate and which are bogus. But the real truth is that only YOU can change your life.

Are you looking for more opportunity and willing to work to reach your goals? The Medical Office Specialist program at Southwest Schools could help guide you to a new career and a better future.

Take Classes When It Works For You

The day program can take as little as 8 months to complete. There’s also the option to take classes on nights or on weekends and complete the program in less than a year. Whether you’re an early bird, a night owl, or need to learn around your work schedule and family commitments, there’s an option for you.

Be Part Of A Fulfilling Industry

Every time a nurse or doctor sees a patient, someone behind-the-scenes needs to properly record and file the information for billing and insurance. These duties are often performed by medical office specialists. Medical office classes teach the administrative skills the above-mentioned positions require. As one of these essential healthcare professionals, you could be a part the healthcare industry—without ever having to see any blood!

Make A Better Living as a Medical Office Manager

A school can never promise jobs or guarantee salaries, but the opportunities look pretty good for careers in this field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics agrees. In 2017, medical records and health information technicians made a median annual salary of $39,180. The job outlook predicts this field will grow faster than average as well.

Challenge Yourself In A New Way

Learning new things can do more for you than lead to new opportunities. Many studies show taking new classes, learning new skills, and being in new environments can lead to better memory, higher self-esteem, and more energy. Those are benefits that can help you in EVERY aspect of your life. Taking medical office classes could be the best way to care for yourself—and your future!

Change Your Own Life

The Medical Office Specialist program is offered at both the San Antonio and McAllen locations. For more information about the Medical Office Specialist School or any of SWS’s rewarding and challenging programs, call (830) 626-7007. You can also fill out this preliminary application form to start asking questions. Changing your life starts with you taking the first step!