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What Can I Learn In Billing & Coding School?

What Can I Learn In Billing & Coding School?

At Southwest Schools, our Medical Office Specialist program attracts a lot of attention from people who want to know, “what can I learn about billing & coding?” In San Antonio the answer is the same: you can learn how to contribute to a medical office. Billing and coding has become increasingly important in recent years as insurance has played a more vital role in healthcare. What that means is a program that includes billing & coding training can help you prepare for a career.

Medical Billing & Coding

So what is billing and coding? Medical billing and coding involves identifying, for insurance purposes, what type of healthcare a patient has received. This is crucial to the healthcare setting, as the billing process cannot go on without the medical coding. Many Medical Office Specialist graduates find working in the billing and coding field is rewarding.

What Will I Learn As A Medical Office Specialist

There’s a great deal to learn about billing and coding in our Medical Office Specialist program. Most of it relates to how to help a medical office to run more efficiently. Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Using codes to bill insurance
  • Interacting with physicians and other staff to ensure accuracy of records
  • Keeping track of patient data across multiple visits
  • Managing detailed information on patients
  • Maintaining patient confidentiality and ensuring HIPPA-compliance
  • Reading and analyzing patient records

These are the main duties, but of course there are other responsibilities for a medical office specialist depending upon the facility you work in. Billing and coding plays a role, though, and is one of the skills you will learn in a Medical Office Specialist program like the one we offer at Southwest Schools.

Why Southwest Schools?

That’s a great question. Why Southwest Schools? First of all, we’re a locally owned technical school. Whether you’re looking to attend a school in San Antonio , Southwest Schools we are involved in the community.

We also offer affordable tuition and financial aid for those who qualify. Southwest Schools provides access to high quality instructors who have a wealth of experience teaching medical billing and coding in San Antonio. Our admissions process is simple and easy: we want to work with you to get you enrolled in our Medical Office Specialist program that includes medical billing and coding so that you can take the first step toward a new career!

How Long Does Billing & Coding Training Take?

That’s the good news. Taking classes at Southwest Schools for Medical Office Specialist , including medical billing and coding can take as little as 8 months. Graduates who have experience in medical billing and coding could go on to work in hospitals, home health care services, nursing facilities, and physicians offices.