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What Can You Learn At A Medical Assistant School?

What Can You Learn At A Medical Assistant School?

Medical Assistant School

Southwest Schools offers a medical assistant school in San Antonio to people who are interested in creating a promising future in the healthcare field. Students can train as medical assistants, a career that is growing in popularity in Texas right now.

Training for a career is an investment in yourself and in your future. Being a medical assistant is a promising career that shows strong signs of growth over the coming years. Official statistics say more than 57,000 people in Texas right now are working as Medical Assistants and the career is expected to continue growing in the coming years.

What Can You Learn At Medical Assistant School?

A medical assistant fulfills a vital role in the healthcare community. At a medical assistant school, students can train to complete administrative and clinical tasks common to the offices of physicians, healthcare clinics, hospitals, and other facilities related to healthcare services.

So, what can a student learn at medical assistant school? There are a variety of skills that the training covers. This includes:

  • Entering patient information in medical records
  • Preparing blood samples for lab tests
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Helping with patient exams
  • Measuring vital signs
  • Recording patient history
  • And much more!

Why Southwest Schools?

There are plenty of reasons to choose Southwest Schools as your medical assistant school in San Antonio. We have a history of success. Feel free to ask us about how many students from our medical assistant program are employed in the field. It’s a number we’re proud of and happy to share.

We also offer small class sizes. That means each instructor has more time to spend with students – to ensure their training is of the highest quality. Southwest Schools wants to work to help you achieve a better future!

Southwest Schools also has a committed staff of financial aid specialists, admissions representatives, and administrators who want to see you succeed. For example, our financial aid team can help you to obtain grants, scholarships, or loans if you qualify.