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What Can You Learn At Pharmacy Technician School?

What Can You Learn At Pharmacy Technician School?

Pharmacy Technician School

Southwest Schools operates a pharmacy technician school which is geared toward training students for careers as pharmacy technicians in Texas. If you want train for a new career, it can take only 8-months for day classes and 12 months for night classes at Southwest Schools.

What Can You Learn At Pharmacy Technician School?

Pharmacy Technicians play a vital role in a pharmacy, helping the licensed pharmacist perform their daily tasks by assisting customers. So, what do they do exactly?

A pharmacy technician acts as a bridge between patients and pharmacists/physicians. They generally are responsible for many of the tasks that have to do with patient interactions, including assisting pharmacists with welcoming patients, counting tablets and measuring medication amounts, preparing and administering prescriptions, packaging and labeling prescriptions, as well as accepting payments and processing insurance claims.

It is necessary for pharmacy technicians to receive training in all of these tasks, which is why pharmacy technician school exists.

Job Opportunities for Pharmacy Technicians

There are plenty of job opportunities available for pharmacy technicians in Texas. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook over the next few years is greater than average and the average annual wage is $33,000 for a pharmacy technician in Texas.

Pharmacy technicians have opportunity to work in retail pharmacies, drug stores, grocery stores, hospitals, long-term healthcare facilities, healthcare clinics, pharmaceutical companies, and home health agencies.

Explore Pharmacy Technician School

If you’re interested in training for a career as a pharmacy technician, were ready to talk to you today at Southwest Schools, either in San Antonio. We know that you likely have questions concerning the pharmacy technician school or classes, so we’re more than happy to offer answers! You can call us at (830) 626-7007 or contact us here.