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What Does A Medical Office Specialist Do?

What Does A Medical Office Specialist Do?

The Medical Office Specialist’s Role

medical office specialist plays an important role in healthcare settings. They are employed in order to help physicians and nurses with the many things they need to do to make the office run smoothly. If you’re interested in medical office specialist classes, we want to be sure that you fully understand how these classes will benefit your future!

What Does A Medical Office Specialist Do?

We get plenty of students inquiring about the medical office specialist program who want to know, what does a medical office specialist do? That’s a fair question and we want to answer it for you!

A medical office specialist’s duties include assisting physicians, nurses, and physician’s assistants with their tasks where needed. This can include a large number of tasks relating to administrative and patient-interaction services. A few examples:

  • Welcoming patients and customers into the office or healthcare facility
  • Communicate with patients concerning lab/test results
  • Phone in prescription orders and refills to pharmacies
  • Preparing and indexing patient medical records
  • Schedule patient appointments
  • Process billing for patients
  • Filing insurance claims
  • Billing and coding

There are other things to do, of course. Medical office specialists are able to improve the operations of healthcare facilities.

Why Southwest Schools

Why should you attend Southwest Schools for medical office specialist classes? Affordable tuition, small class sizes, and committed instructors are just a few of the reasons why. One of the main questions we hear from prospective students is whether we offer financial aid?

Southwest Schools will help any students that qualifies to obtain financial aid. Our staff is well-trained in seeking financial aid for qualified students. We know that financial aid plays a major role in your decision and we want to make sure you are comfortable with the process.